HR Shared Service


Offer your staff good HR service easily - and become employer of choice!

Our HR Shared Service Center is a platform of specialists, who act as Business Partners to small and medium sized companies. We offer strategic and operative hands-on support and  ensure daily HR operations to our customers in a personal way. 

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Payroll & HR Office

We ensure complete payroll management for employers of small to medium size businesses and we manage the time consuming tasks of payroll processing and tax filing.  Tax advisors and lawyers with several years of experiences in international and German labor- and tax law make our service platform complete. Our office remains single point of contact for employer and employees in all HR related issues. We pay attention to a personal contact with your employees and we manage all relevant correspondence like certificates of employment and approvals.

HR Support


Hotline Support

Our Hotline Support advises executives, project managers and employees in daily HR topics. Your support is only one telephone call away.

Hands-On Support on Site

We provide hands-on support on site in a broad range of topics like hiring, conflict management, performance management, and HR quality management.

 Health Management

Health Management is about how to reduce absence, improve labor turnover and to increase engagement and productivity. It is a process linked to other business processes in an organization. A successfully implemented health management concept is closely connected to employee engagement and reduced labor turnover.  

Let us define and roll out your strategic health management plan, take actions, teach managers and monitor the result with defined KPIs.

Data Privacy Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU and EEA. As a part of the HR Shared Service Platform, we offer data privacy protection service together with specialists.


 Competence Development

Business success is pending on the ability to develop staff to future needs. That is why it is so important to stay up to date with changes and develpment in the world today.

In cooperation and partnership with future oriented digitalization-, engineering- ,health- and sustainability organizations, we stay in the forefront of new trends on the labor market. It helps us to foresee new competence needs, to design development plans and to organize a shared training platform for our customers.

Employer Brand

The employer brand is the identity of an organization as employer. A company can only attract current and future employees if it has an identity that is true and authentic. Important is, that company and employees share the same values and visions; What are the career expectations and values of the staff? What are the company objectives? What makes the fitting identity of both parts and how should it be lived and communicated internally and externally?