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The Digital Transformation is your chance!

AdobeStock_192301067.jpegWhat does the digital transformation mean for me?

The digital transformation goes hand in hand with automation. It means that automation affects several working places in a company. From financial controlling to production and logistics. And it means that several tasks, that until today have been done manually will be done by machine or become obsolete.

This is your chance!

It is not enough to “save costs” to be successful in this game. The companies, who manage to create new business models together with their staff and who are able to transform their staff to these business models - will be the winner.

This is why you are so important for your employer and yourself!

And this is why is it so important that the companies open up for innovation internally and in cluster with other companies.

The digital transformation is very much about making life easier for the customer. And if different people and companies with different background, but with the same customer, go together because they want to make life easier for the customer. new innovation can appear.

This is why you don’t need a high education or fancy job to drive innovation forward. You just need to know your customer!

KERMAROK loves innovation. And we love to help others - together

For this reason we participate in clusters and we bring people together in innovation teams. In these teams, we learn from each other and we are innovative together.

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