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How to build a healthy organization in a changing time?

bird (2).jpgSustainable Health Management

- Understand  the success factors in a healthy organization
- Learn different ways, analogue and digital, to track the health status in your organization
- Save Costs up to 10 times the investment with a health management system

Sustainable Health Management cover more than fruit and Yoga courses for the staff. A changing world and increased remote work increases the demand on employer and employees to ensure a healthy work place. 

The last years, the distance between manager and employee has increased. New organization and management topics like delegation of responsibility and self organizing teams result often in less leaders and larger teams  reporting to one leader. Especially in remote work, the employee is very much left alone. An new competence emerges as result of the digitization and current changing working condition, critical for the possibility to care for the own health: Health Competence

What is Health Competence?

Health Competence is a “soft” competence like “social competence”, that has come more in focus during the last 10 years. Many employers check the Health Competences in the recruitment process, at least for the recruitment of leaders. There are different definitions for health competence. However, below formula should show the most  relevant topics:

Health Competence = Time Management + Well Being + Communication Skills

The demand on a sustainable health management concept grows in changes times. And to cover the different success factors the different areas Organization, Management, Competence and Awareness should be monitored on regular basis by the management.

What can the employer do to ensure the health situation in the organization?

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