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How to build resilience against change, a new generation Self Management Trainings

AdobeStock_129400133 Panorama.jpegWhat it takes to work on your own agenda and to be successful?
Work out visions and reach objectives for private and professional life
Define your future place on the labor market
Find ways to ensure and increase your income

Life is like a bus! And who is driving the bus? Your partner? Your boss? No, this is your bus. And it is your journey. If you don’t drive your bus yourself, who knows where it ends? 

People are going with you on your journey: your colleagues, your manager, your mother in law, your children, your neighbor, your brother, your best friends. And all of them want something from you.

You need to find a way to relate to the different people and You choose different methods. You can explain, negotiate, make compromises, leave them on next bus stop or try not to think about them. It is all your decision.

When KERMAROK work with people, who need to be fit for change and take advantage of new routines on the job and feel engaged and support the change, we very often come to topics like my vision, different goals, mindset, team, feed back, time management, family, network, improve, communication skills…. the list is long. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? Do you know how to come there?

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