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The Latest Recruiting Trends

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By Valérie Downey
There’s a lot of buzz around employer branding, and for good reason. We’ve scaled down the latest trends and tips to stay ahead of the game to more effectively grow your business this year!

1. Treat Your Candidate as Your Customer
With the lowest unemployment rate ever in the EU and increased job opportunities, it’s harder to attract talent than ever before. The tides are turning: it’s no longer about what the candidate can do for you. It’s all about what you can do for the candidate.
This means selling your company to candidates like you sell your services to clients. People are the single most valuable part of who you are, and they need to see and feel that.
• Create an easy-to-navigate, attractive career site. Be transparent about how you care for your employees and the kind of company culture your workplace practices. What is it that sets you apart?
• Money Happiness. Many companies mistake money as the key factor in attracting hard-to-find talent when in reality, engineers would consider a pay cut for their ideal job. Offer growth opportunities that speak to your target talent and fits with their goals

2. Apply on-the-go
Meet your candidates where they spend most of their time: on their phones. Our analytics show that approximately 33% of applications come through mobile devices. Catch their attention by optimising your application process for mobile use.
• Cut the application length. One-in-five of candidates drop out after spending 10 minutes on an
application. The exact talent you’re losing in your pipe is the kind you want – they’re in demand
and value their own time. Show that you value their time too!
• Create tailored questions for a specific job instead of requiring a cover letter and CV. Use multiple choice questions or insert a range for candidates to place themselves - You can even get to know the candidate through short video responses.

3. Automate the admin
Odds are, administrative tasks are stealing your time. In an ideal world, the majority of your time would be spent working with candidates and letting the administrative hassle around recruiting processes
take care of themselves. Thanks to HR tech, this is becoming a reality for many people.
• Invest in HR tech that automates. For example, moving candidates through a process
automatically dependent on response.
• Automate the most time-consuming tasks. Learn how to automate admin that saturates your time, like organising candidates into specific stages or scheduling interviews. The time investment this takes is about 4 minutes. The return of it is many, many more hours spent meeting candidates and making faster hires.

4. Respect your candidates
According to CareerBuilder and SilkRoad’s latest survey, 68% of employees believe their experience as a candidate reflects how the company treats its people. With technological advantages making it easier to stay in closer contact with just about anyone, it is only natural to stay in touch with those interested in joining your company.
• Respond to applications quickly. 55% of applicants move on if they haven’t heard back from
you within two weeks.
• Keep candidates engaged. Stay in touch through direct chats, email, or text message. Be willing to answer questions and speak to them about the opportunity, even before they apply.
The better you take care of your candidates, the better they speak about you, which is arguably the
most effective kind of marketing. It’s not news, but always a good reminder :)

5. Know the facts
Knowing how your candidates find and connect with you is the single best way to optimize your recruitment. Track where your job ads are gaining most traction or how long a recruitment takes - these measurements happen automatically and are easy to understand.
• Invest in an all-in-one ATS. Yes, again. An ATS automatically tracks how long your candidates
are in specific stages, or which kinds of platforms and devices your candidates are applying from
(and a lot more). Then? Optimize.
• Use an NPS survey. Don’t be afraid to ask your candidates about their experience. Learn about
yourselves from their point of view - this helps you target and adapt to them more authentically.

Hold on, who are we even?
We’re here to transform recruiting and make all these things we’ve just talked about as easy as possible. See how simple it can be and KERMAROK support you on site and reduces your recruiting costs in cooperation with TEAMTAILOR, a new generation Recruiting- and Employer Brand Software.

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