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Chill at work! It inceases your chances for a promotion.

Compressed Web.jpegNow it is proven again!! 

Take it easy and chill at work – it increases your chances for a promotion - if you can differentiate between hard work and good outcome.

Dr. Argyro Avgoustaki at ESCP Europe Business School has examined the effect on increased work effort on well-being and career related outcomes from 52.000 employees in Europe and came to the conclusion that  employees, who take it easy in the job  are luckier, more healthy and have better possibilities to get promoted. Increased work effort is related to strongly reduced well-being and only modestly to intermediate career related outcomes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIA22O538Zk

So… here we go again: The guy in the forest, who takes regular brakes and sharpens his saw has the best chance to win the competition against the guy who works hard without brake with a blunt saw. [Read More…]

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