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The HR Plattform in Germany




HR Support

 Hotline Support

Our Hotline Support advises executives, project managers and employees in daily HR topics. Your support is only one telephone call away.

Hands-On Support on Site

We provide hands-on support on site in a broad range of topics like conflict management, performance management, hiring and HR quality management.




Payroll & HR Office 

We ensure complete payroll management for employers of small to medium size businesses and we manage the time consuming tasks of payroll processing and tax filing.  A platform of tax advisors and lawyers offer deep experiences in international and German labor law and taxation.

The HR Shared Service office remains single point of contact for employer and employees in all HR related issues. We manage all relevant correspondence like certificates of employment and approvals. 





Employer Brand


What makes you an employer of choice?


The employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer. The company can only attract current and future employees if it has an identity that is true and authentic. Important is, that company and employees share the same values and visions; What are the career expectations and values of the staff? What are the company objectives? What makes the fitting identity of both parts and how should it be lived and communicated internally and externally?