We offer HR Hands On Support On Site!

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A network of HR-, Marketing- and Innovation specialists support German employers with people oriented solutions on site. We don't talk about new work. We live it together with you. Our cooperation with industry and scientists in Germany and Scandinavia enables us to stay in the front line in a changing time and to implement unique people solutions and activities. We are operative, we support you on site, on the job and we like to work will all kind of people and organisations.

Grow your competence with us!

Recruiting School On the Job

Reduce your recruiting costs with up to 50%

Recruitment is sales and marketing and the candidate should be treated like a customer. Learn about new recruitment methods, optimize your processes and team up!

We teach and coach you on the job until employer brand and recruitment activities run smoothly.

Go to the video and see how a new generation recruiting software can help you to speed up your recruitment.

Your Benefits

  • Reduce recruitment costs with up to 50%
  • Speed up recruiting time
  • Develop and Strengthen your digital competences  

People Support On Site 

Sustainable People Solutions

Get hands-on support on site in any kind of HR activities during the year.  Book the amount of hours you need. Our service enables also small and medium sized companies to offer first class HR Support. No employer is to small or to big to care for sustainable people solutions and strategies. 

Your Benefits

  • Get  professional people support payable by booking the time you need
  • Reduce sick rate, absence time and turnover rate
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee engagement

Learning Innovation Platform

Meet and Learn

As experienced doers, we don't talk about innovation management, we live it. We let you experience innovation in learning innovative teams together with innovation scientists and  leading innovative industry in Germany and Sweden.

Your Benefits

  • Learn and keep your digital competences up to date
  • Meet and collaborate with industry and scientists from Germany and Sweden
  • Experience new way of work and life long learning in reality